All things considered, it had been a pretty manky afternoon so far. The rain was falling hard onto the roof of the wedding marquee which had become our makeshift dressing room, the ground was becoming gradually more waterlogged, and the sound department were running behind to the tune of hours rather than minutes. I was … Continue reading Norfolk

Moel Famau

Late in July we spent a few days at Helen's family home in Bolton, which is always lovely and a wonderful springboard for exploring the peaks and moors of the north west. Since my ankle was improving and I was desperate to try out the awesome gear given to me by the lovely folks at … Continue reading Moel Famau


Several years ago (before I used Strava, my God!), one of the first county tops I made a special trip to bag was that of historic Berkshire, Walbury Hill. Significant in that at 297m it is the highest point in the southeast of England, beating Leith HillĀ in Surrey by just three metres, I was keen … Continue reading Berkshire


Ahh, Surrey. The commuter belt county - a paved Mecca for London's cycling hardcore and weekend hobbyists, a place about which Jeremy Clarkson famously remarked "If Kent is the Garden of England, then Surrey is the patio." Perhaps this is true, but he's forgetting one important thing: The divide that signals the end of London … Continue reading Surrey

South Yorkshire

For my next county top report I thought I'd head away from the south of England and tell you about a long jog on a very cold winter's day back in 2014. The highest point in South Yorkshire* is a small rock formation standing at 548m named High Stones, just south of the better-known Margery … Continue reading South Yorkshire


Around this time last year, I was finally able to tick off a county top that I had been very keen to visit since I started my challenge: Dorset. Much of my family grew up in this most polarised of counties - one in which half of the total population live in the Bournemouth/Poole conurbation; … Continue reading Dorset

A Day in the Life (The Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon)

[06:45] It's so stuffy in here. Is it time to get up already? I'm looking forward to some breakfast. Can't wait to eat those Sicilian sausages I bought yesterday. [07:00] Fry up time. What's In the fridge? Some mushrooms and an orange pepper. Is it supposed to be orange? I dunno, it smells OK so … Continue reading A Day in the Life (The Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon)

Essex and Cambridgeshire

It was the first warm day of spring, and work duties were to take me to Bury St. Edmunds for the afternoon. I had spotted some time ago that the highest points of Cambridgeshire and Essex were adjacent to each other, not far from the sleepy village of Great Chishill (little more than a hamlet … Continue reading Essex and Cambridgeshire


It's been a busy week with lots of travelling, and only time to squeeze in a few gentle runs before this weekend's Hampshire Hoppit Marathon. But after finishing the recording of Kate's next album (Christmas June!), I just couldn't pass up on the opportunity to get in a little trail time and check out … Continue reading Yorkshire