A Day in the Life (The Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon)

[06:45] It’s so stuffy in here. Is it time to get up already? I’m looking forward to some breakfast. Can’t wait to eat those Sicilian sausages I bought yesterday.

[07:00] Fry up time. What’s In the fridge? Some mushrooms and an orange pepper. Is it supposed to be orange? I dunno, it smells OK so I’ll chuck that in. And two eggs. And some cream cheese, because why not.

[07:15] That was surprisingly good. Those sausages were a bit heavy on the fennel though. Better get out the door soon.

[07:45] Crikey it’s warm out already. Hopefully it’ll be a bit cooler outside London.

[09:00] Made it to the start. It’s even hotter here, damn… People are finding any bit of shelter they can before we head into the hills. I’ll take it easy from the off and hopefully there’ll be a nice breeze up on the ridge. I’ll just go whatever pace keeps my heart rate in zone 2.

Hoppit 2.jpg


[09:45] I suppose I’ve got everything. Nakd bars? Water? Buff? Suncream!! Bye Helen, see you in four and a half hours or so I guess. Thanks for coming with me!

[10:00] Let’s do this.

[10:02] Bang.

[10:03] Gently uphill, don’t overdo it. Heart rate in zone 3 already? Ah don’t worry it’ll calm down. Maybe the strap is playing up again.

[10:10] They weren’t kidding when they said this first bit was going to be steep (thanks Up N Away Aerial Imagery for the video!). It’s alright, I’ll jog ten steps / walk ten steps. Looks like I’m the only one, maybe I’ll have passed twenty or so by the top.

[10:20] This incline is dragging on a bit. Should start descending soon and my heart rate can get back into zone 2.

[10:30] Finally, I’m at the top and I can sort my HR out.

[10:34] Looks like we’re going up again. Sorry, heart.

[10:50] At last some downhill. Why won’t my HR get back into zone 2? Must be the strap, although it is pretty hot today I guess.

[11:00] First aid station! Can you pour some water over my hat please? Cheers mate.

[11:30] You know this marathon thing isn’t that bad really. Just out for a long jog. Although I’m pretty hot and my HR still won’t go back into zone 2. I guess I’m just going to suffer all the way to the end then.

[12:00] Half way! Thanks for the Star Wars ice pop mate, that’s literally the best thing that anyone has ever given me. All these marshals are amazing, I must volunteer for something like this one day soon. Maybe I’ll be on for a sub-4! Wouldn’t that be hilarious on this course in this heat?

[12:15] Happy to see another aid station. I’ll have half a banana and some Hula Hoops please. Better had get some salt in me. I hope this nice shade carries on.

[12:30] This is really cool running past all the half marathoners now we’ve joined back up for a bit. Thanks guys! The last horse back to the stable has the most fun! I could run for miles like this.

[12:45] Bye guys, see you at the end yeah! Man, the sun is right overhead and looks like there’s no shade for a while. It’s hot.

[13:00] It’s hot.

[13:15] It’s hot. And my legs hurt. Actually, everything hurts. Oh hey man how’s it going? Cool let’s jog for a bit, dunno what’s going on with my HR – check it out. I was sure they said the next aid station was just at the top of the hill, that’ll be pretty great.

[13:30] Don’t tell me you’ve got a swimming pool in your garden! Well jel. I hope they’ve put some paddling pools at the finish but I bet they haven’t. God knows how I’m gonna cool down later.

[13:45] This is ridiculous, it’s SO HOT. It must be nearly 30 degrees right now. Time to get this done. No sub-4 for me but no matter.

[13:50] This is an absolute wall. Who put this here? Mate you crack on, I’m spent. Thanks for the company!

[14:00] I can see the finish line off in the distance! We can’t have much more climbing to do right? #runsteepgethigh, bro.

[14:10] All downhill from here. Phew! My stomach feels a bit funny.

[14:17] It’s over!!

[14:18] I have literally never been this hot. I don’t know what to do. I need to sit down.

Hoppit Stickman

[14:25] Hey Helen, really glad you’re back. We need to go right now, I have to get out of this heat, I feel dreadful.

[14:40] This car air conditioning is literally the best thing ever. Apart from a paddling pool, that’d be sweet. And another Star Wars ice pop.

[15:15] We’re gonna have to stop at Fleet Services, I’m sorry. I just can’t cool down and my stomach feels pretty ropey.

[15:20] I’m just gonna have a little lie down in this McDonalds booth.

[15:45] What do you mean I was asleep for twenty minutes?

[16:30] I’m cool again, and feel better. Time to get me some snacks.

[17:00] Hahahaha:

Hoppit Suffer

[18:30] :

Hoppit burger.jpeg

[22:00] I’ve had it. What a great day. Night world. Why is it still so stuffy in here?

Distance: 42km
Climb: 650m
Difficulty: Extreme
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/1042743848

Hoppit 1
This was before the race. It’s fair to say I didn’t look this excited after.

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